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Western Europe

Destination inspiration

See what all your friends have been raving about! Let winding cobblestones and big-city lights lure you in, and find a few hidden gems along the way. From London’s big smoke to Ireland’s untouched coast and over to lazy river-side bike paths in Amsterdam, let Western Europe inspire your hunger for all that this corner of the world has to offer.

Best places to visit

Western Europe is a world of intrigue, where nothing is quite like what you’ve known back home. Although Kiwi culture is heavily influenced by this crowd, no one quite knows how to throw back a pint or road trip through green pastures like the locals here. If you’re looking for a starting point to take the rest of Europe by storm, Western Europe’s the place.


A Kiwi’s home away from home, England isn’t just a big smoke. Soak up London and see why it’s an expat’s dream, before escaping to explore the untouched beauty in the Lake District, and head off the beaten track for a coastal view in Cornwall.

Discover England


It wouldn’t be a trip to Ireland without grabbing a pint of Guinness in Dublin, but Ireland has so much more to offer. Stop by the unmissable Cliffs of Moher, kiss the famous Blarney Stone and check out the quaint coastal towns that offer Ireland’s best surfing - who knew?


Uncover Ireland

The Netherlands

Not just Holland, the Netherlands wants to show you what they have to offer (aside from their world-famous “cafes”.) The Netherlands is home to fields of tulips, more canals than Venice, and a quirky culture unique to this corner of the world. Rent a bike and roll through Amsterdam’s picture perfect backdrops like a local!


Explore The Netherlands

Getting there

It’s not hard to find an airport in the middle of the action to start your adventure. We offer flights through to London, Amsterdam and Dublin, but don’t forget that some regional carriers offer dirt-cheap flights between cities. Consider a Bus-About ticket or a Eurail pass, and you’re away!
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Gateway to Europe

Welcome to Western Europe, your gateway to the rest of the world! This continent is an expat’s dream, and everyone knows someone who knows someone who lived it up in England after their OE went on a little longer than expected. It’s not hard to see why, though - with 50 countries a mere train-ticket away, why wouldn’t you stay to track down everything Europe has to offer?