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Working Holidays

in the UK

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Do an OE in the UK and soon you will be living like a local (and taking advantage of having further travel opportunities right on your doorstep). We have programmes that are suited to your needs - whether you need services like visa applications, accommodation our just general support and advice from the experts, we've got you covered. 
Save $50
Work Britain Visa Kickstart
The process of organising your UK visa can feel a bit overwhelming - the Work Britain Visa Kickstart is designed to help you! Leave all your worries behind and board the plane knowing that you can get off at the other side without any hassle!
Work in a British pub
Live and work in a British pub on your working holiday to the UK. To make things sweeter, your job is sorted before you even leave New Zealand!
Hello London
Hit the ground running with Hello London! Want an exciting and stress-free way to start living and working in the UK? Hello London will help make the move easy for you by letting you decide exactly how much support you need. It's all up to you!
Hello Britain
Say "hello" to Britain with confidence on your working holiday. Your Work Britain programme will ensure that you are taken care of, including job support, bank account setup, 24/7 emergency hotline, and many other features.