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Perks and Parties

We're strong believers in the motto 'work hard, play hard', so our hard-working staff are good at partying, packing and seeing as much of the planet as they can … preferably for free. So as well as sending you off on educational trips to some awesome parts of the world (Machu Picchu, Fiji island hopping or the Philippines anyone?) you'll get some seriously low airfares, group tours and mates rates on the adventures you do on your own time.

We also don't believe in stuffy offices and dreary uniforms, so our work environments are cool and our staff are even cooler (well, mostly). And to show just how much we love them, each year we fly our global heroes and top sellers to somewhere hopelessly extravagant and exotic for the wildest party in travel - the STA Travel Big Bash. This year was India, next year is anyone's guess...

So then, what are you waiitng for?