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Work Canada

Canada has working holiday opportunities all year round and the Work Canada programme lets you enjoy living like a local for 23 months in any job, anywhere! So if you're keen to earn some cash and enjoy the champagne powder on your days off, experience a wicked Canadian summer - or both - it's up to you!

What will I be doing?

Your visa will allow you to work anywhere in Canada for any employer. However, to work in child or healthcare you need to have a medical approved by the Canadian Government prior to having your visa issued.

So, the type of job you do depends on you! You will have access to two support centres across Canada; Vancouver and Toronto. You can literally work your way across Canada.
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What does it include?

Before you go:

◾Visa support and assistance
◾Work Canada Handbook full of vital information - preparing for living overseas, finding employment, travel advice, taxes, accommodation and more
◾Pre-departure support includes flights and insurance
◾General advice including budgeting
◾International phone card
◾Access to discounted airfares
◾15% off snow and ski gear
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When you arrive

  • 2 nights accomm. in Vancouver (surcharge applies for other cities)
  • Full orientation with advice on CV formatting, employment/tax laws, mobile providers, finding employment & accomm.
  • Unlimited access to computers, internet, printers & phones for the duration of the programme
  • Access to exclusive listings of jobs & employment contacts
  • Assistance with Canadian bank account & Social Insurance Number
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Am I eligible?

To meet the Canadian work visa requirements you must:

- Hold a New Zealand passport which is valid for at least two years from date of application
- Not have activated a Letter of Introduction for a previous NZWHP from the Canadian High Commission
- Be aged between 18-35 years inclusive at time of application
- Have no criminal convictions (minor offences may be admissible) and must submit a criminal record form at time of visa application
- Have no serious medical conditions
- Have no accompanying dependants
- Be able to provide evidence on arrival in Canada of access to CAD$$2,500 to show sufficient funds to support yourself
- Be able to provide evidence of 12 months travel/medical insurance upon arrival
- Be able to stay in Canada and commit to employment for a minimum of five months (most employers require a commitment this long)
- Be travelling on a return or onward passage ticket, or have additional proof of funds to show you can purchase such a ticket

What does it cost?

From $595

(Additional visa application fee is a separate cost of approximately CAD$250)