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Work USA

Are you a full-time uni student or recent grad, bored with your everyday life at home? Now you can work in the USA with the Work USA 12 month programme! Programme participants enter the United States on a special visa that allows you to experience the 'real' US as a local and a paid employee. You can work anywhere you like in the US for a maximum of 12 months.

What will I be doing?

Get a jump on your career or take a break and do something with a job in the USA - it's up to you! While there are a few restrictions on what our Work USA participants can and can't do job-wise, our Work USA visas are the most flexible visas you can get to live and work in the States.
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What does it include?

◾Visa support
◾Work USA handbook covering topics such as; preparing for living overseas, finding employment, travel advice, taxes and accommodation
◾Pre-departure support covering employment, tax laws, mobile providers, how to find employment and accommodation
◾Ongoing extensive support
◾15% discount at Snow Centre NZ
◾International phone card
◾Online Facebook lounge to meet other participants
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Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the Work USA 12 month programme you need to:
◾Be over the age of 18
◾Hold a New Zealand or Australian passport
◾Be currently enrolled in full-time studies at a recognised tertiary level institute, or a recent graduate from at least 12 months' (two consecutive semesters) full-time study at a recognised tertiary level institute.
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Am I eligible?

The following are NOT eligible:
◾Part-time courses
◾Extramural study
◾Short courses

Jobs which you cannot do on either programme include:
  • Clinical care and medical services
  • Teaching/nannying
  • Domestic help
  • Football/soccer coach
  • Self employed
  • Casino floor worker
  • Camp counsellor (see Summer Camp USA)
  • Driver of commercial vehicles

    Note: All jobs must be approved by the US visa sponsor prior to commencing work. Because of the few restrictions in place surrounding the jobs you can do we advise you to contact your Travel Expert first to discuss your options.

    These are the broad definitions of the eligibility requirements, and each case does need to be assessed on its own merit. If you have any questions or require further clarification please contact us on 0800 474 400 or email us.

Book now, pay later!

Stop dreaming of the all-American road trip and book now and pay later! You can lock in your Work USA programme with just a $295 deposit, and pay the balance 8 weeks after your deposit. What are ya'll waiting for?!

What does it cost?

Work USA 12 month from $1145

Plus your visa application fee of approximately $US160, a SEVIS fee of around $US35 and compulsory comprehensive programme medical and travel insurance.

Open to current students and recent graduates only.

Terms and conditions

General T&Cs: Pricing is correct as of 29/06/17 and is subject to change without notice.